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Do you ever face the question about where to keep your beloved pet companion when you travel? Cane River Veterinary Clinic has an advance boarding facility complete with climate control, plenty of exercise time and proper feeding. Our facility is veterinary-supervised, meaning if your pet were to have a need, you can rest easy knowing that medical attention is immediate for them. Call our office to schedule your pet’s next “staycation” at our facility!


Cancer is one of the most frightening words in today’s society. This holds true for your human family members and your animal family members. Fortunately for veterinary medicine, cancer treatment has come a long way in the past few years. With a combination of our in-house blood labs, cancer medications and the latest medical knowledge, Cane River Veterinary Clinic can be a single solution for your pet’s treatment. Symptoms of cancer include weight loss, slow healing sores, changes in bowel movements and tumors or lumps on your pet’s body. If you feel that your pet may be at risk for cancer, please call our clinic to schedule an appointment right away.


Over time, harmful bacteria can form and build up in your pet’s mouth unless regular brushing and cleaning are a part of their routine. Unfortunately it is usually very hard to devote the time to adhere to a good oral hygiene program on your own. Cane River Veterinary Clinic’s caring staff is well-versed and eager to keep your pet’s mouth clean as possible! We know that poor oral hygiene can lead to harmful bacteria that can cause damage to your pet’s liver, kidneys and even their heart. Please call and schedule an appointment with one of our caring professionals to schedule a dental exam for your pet today!


Do you notice your dog or cat constantly scratching, licking and crying out due to painful skin issues? This is not normal and needs to be treated. Our clinic has extensive experience in treating skin diseases ranging from “hot spots” to severe flea allergy dermatitis. You can bring relief to your pet and your mind just by scheduling an appointment with Cane River Veterinary Clinic.


Accidents happen at all hours of the day. This is why our clinic offers round-the-clock emergency services. Our hospital can handle most serious issues after hours, meaning that even our daytime services are not limited to daylight hours. If your pet encounters an after-hours emergency please call (318) 352-6678.


Do you notice your dog or cat constantly scratching, licking and crying out due to painful skin issues? This is not normal and needs to be treated. Our clinic has extensive experience in treating skin diseases ranging from “hot spots” to severe flea allergy dermatitis. You can bring relief to your pet and your mind just by scheduling an appointment with Cane River Veterinary Clinic.


Unlike people, animals are unable to tell their doctor what ails them. At Cane River Veterinary Clinic we have a wide array of testing available to answer the unknown questions in a quick and timely manner. Our blood lab allows us to provide updated and complete information regarding your pet’s health. Complete blood counts, also known as a CBC, are easily completed in our lab as well as an overall look at your pet’s blood chemistries. Blood chemistry levels are great indicators of kidney and liver issues. No matter the emergent status, our lab can usually have results within a half hour.


Most veterinary clinics these days are focused solely on small animal medicine. This is not true for Cane River Veterinary Services. We offer large animal veterinary care at our hospital and in the field. Our doctors are well-versed in routine and emergency care for our horse and cattle clients. Our clinic has several services including vaccination, pregnancy exams and delivery, and diagnostics. Rest assured that our veterinary team will provide state-of-the art care in and out of the hospital.


Thousands of animals go missing every year for various reasons and sometimes are found miles from home. In this instance, signs around the neighborhood and ID tags that are easily lost are not the solution. Permanent identification is available for your pet in the form of microchips. A microchip is the size of a single grain of rice and is injected under your pet’s skin. This is almost painless and very cost efficient. Most practices and shelters have a microchip reader and can reunite you with your animal companion quickly. Call Cane River Veterinary Services to set up an appointment for microchip placement today.


Keeping our pets comfortable is a number one priority for most owners. Whether your pet is facing surgery or is experiencing painful arthritis issues, our clinic has the means to help manage your pet’s pain level. Ask our doctor how to control pain your pet may be experiencing.


Online pharmacies may seem convenient and less expensive for animal products, but did you know that many of these medications do not have a manufacturer guarantee on their products? Cane River Veterinary Clinic’s products are purchased directly from the companies that produce them and only those that we would treat our own pets are recommended. Among our wide variety of animal medicines that we keep in supply are antibiotics, pain preventatives and heartworm preventatives.


One of the most useful tools for doctors is X-ray technology. Unfortunately some injuries and illnesses simply cannot be detected upon physical exam. Our modern x-ray system allows our veterinary staff to locate breaks in bones or foreign objects swallowed by our animal companions. We are happy to be able to provide this service as it allows us to make medical decisions and start treatment right away.


Cane River Veterinary Clinic is the place to bring your small animal companions. We regularly see cats, dogs, and other small animals such as birds and reptiles. Our veterinary staff is very well-versed in small animal veterinary medicine. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors at Cane River Veterinary Clinic.


One of the most time consuming and important aspects of a clinic is it’s ability to provide outstanding surgical services. Cane River Veterinary Clinic has top-tier surgical knowledge, protocols and procedures. Ranging from spay and neuter services, exploratory surgery and complicated orthopedic surgeries, our veterinary staff is ready to care for your pet. Our care begins before surgery, known as pre-op. This is where bloodwork is completed to establish any underlying issues or complications that are not identified on a physical exam. The next step is administering medications and preparing your pet for anesthesia. Your pet is monitored by state-of-the-art equipment to minimize the possibility of an adverse event. During the surgery, known as intra-op, our doctors use their extensive knowledge to repair, reconnect and renew your pet. After surgery, or post-op, your pet is monitored closely by the staff and veterinarians. Your pet is kept warm and comfortable during their recovery time.


Unlike humans, pets are unable to point to where they hurt. That is one reason we offer ultrasound services to our clients. Ultrasound is one of the safest forms of diagnostic technology available in today’s healthcare system. It has minimal radiation levels and is non-invasive, meaning no needles or medicine are needed. We use our ultrasound technology in many situations including pregnancy examination, kidney issues and even heart evaluation. Remember, fast and accurate diagnosis saves lives.


Over the years in human healthcare, it has become evident that preventative care is the best deterrent to severe disease later on in life. This principle also holds true for our pets. Our clinic offers wellness packages for pets based on each phase of their life. Puppies and kittens have a vaccination schedule as well as a spay & neuter schedule. As an animal begins to age, several other services become necessary such as dental care, nutritional counseling, and heartworm, flea & tick prevention. For our senior citizens we offer regular bloodwork schedules to detect serious diseases in the early stages. Call Cane River Veterinary Clinic today for more information on our wellness programs.

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